Litepaper Litepaper and the nft.reptile collection will be releasing and producing NFTs that promote reptile ownership, both in the real-world and in the digital space. Combining tangible utility for collectors and increased revenue gains for the breeders, this project is aiming to bring the accessibility of NFT collecting to an industry looking to make the future a reality today for hundreds of thousands of animal lovers, reptile keepers and breeders, environmental and conservation activists.

The Reptilium model puts breeders and collectors at the forefront of everything we are doing. Not everyone can own a beautiful Corn Snake, but everyone can own a digital NFT of that animal. There are three main ways in which NFTs will be released by the project.

  1. Breeders who list an animal for sale on will have the ability to have a custom 1 of 1 NFT minted to the buyer of the animal. If the buyer does not have a WAX account, the NFT is listed for sale on Atomic Hub with 80% of the sale price going directly to the breeder. In addition to the primary sale on an unclaimed NFT, the Breeder will also earn our new token Reptilium based on a scientific oracle appraisal and verification of the animal's real-life value, genetics and other distinguishing features.

Each NFT from the nft.reptile Collection will have a value in Reptilium that is split between the holder of the NFT and the Breeder/Artist who created the NFT. Reptilium allocation will be non-custodial, meaning that you will be able to hold the NFT in your own wallet and not have to deposit it anywhere to get the weekly Reptilium reward.

  1. Commemorative and Promotional Event NFTs and Tickets.
    Each Official Event NFT will also have an associated value in Reptilium assigned to it based on the initial purchase price of entry to the event/or commemorative NFT.

  2. Custom Releases, non 1 of 1 Reptile NFTs.
    We will be releasing packs of Reptile NFTs that will have all of the same genetic information and oracle verification that the 1/1's have, but these specific NFTs will have a much higher mint rate in order to bring Reptile NFTs a larger audience. We envision that each of the previously sold and claimed 1/1's will have less rare versions with fractional amounts of weekly reptilium based on the real-life rarity as well as the digital rarity.

    Example: A Citrus Pastel Bamboo – Male is sold on Repticart for $300 USD. The oracles determine that the appraised value of the snake is $320. The 1/1 Citrus Pastel Bamboo – Male with genetic certification is either given to the buyer or is sold on the market. In this situation 3,200 Reptilium per week is split 50-50 between the holder of the 1/1 and the original breeder. So each party would get 1,600 Reptilium per week.

    That same verified
    Citrus Pastel Bamboo – Male may then be released in a different frame in packs. The non 1-1 Rare version may generate 32 Reptilium per week being split 16 to the holder and 16 to the breeder. This process allows for collectors who may not be able to snag the 1 of 1 to still be able to collect and earn by holding and purchasing Reptile NFTs.

Reptilium Token.

Reptilium (RPLM) is a standard EOSIO token on the WAX Blockchain with a Maximum Supply of 100,000,000,000 Reptilium.
Reptilium is earned by holding Reptile NFTs from the nft.reptile collection. It can be used in a few ways.

  • Buying New Packs in Reptilium

  • Donating to Breeders

  • Token Staking

  • Liquidity Reward Pools facilitated by CAIT DeFi.

  • Early Access to New Blends and NFTs

  • A Breeding Game where you use Reptilium to feed your animals (to level them up) and breed new unique creatures. The Newly Hatched Creatures will also reward Reptilium.

  • Increasing the number of eggs you can hold in incubation at any time.

  • Speeding up the hatch-timer.

This litepaper is subject to change and is to be considered a live document. Please do your own research on any crypto project. This is not to be considered financial advice or security. Reptile NFTs are a fun collectable that are available on the WAX Blockchain as a gamified real-world NFT Project.